Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Night Tastiness

Adri here, getting in late on a Tuesday night. Working in the shop all afternoon has be hankering for some chocolate-ly goodness in the way that only my mother really would make. And that is what I consider the most awesome version of Hot Chocolate ever. Really perfect for long days with just the edge of chill to them when you're dead dog tired, but still hankering for sweets.

You only need two things for this hot chocolate:

1 box cook and serve chocolate pudding
milk as required, less than 2 cups I'm pretty sure.

Make the pudding as listed on the back of the box, but before you put it in the fridge, put it in mugs and top with marshmallows or whipped cream. And done.

I promise this stuff is awesome. Awesome for the lazy or the tired or both. I realized that there are probably a billion more wholesome, tasty and amazing ways of doing this. But this version? Comfort food. I can't eat too much of it though, which is another reason this is great. What you don't eat now becomes pudding for later! Yay!


  1. so you just drink it before it's stiff?
    do you put it in the microwave?

  2. Yep, before it sets. I use cook and serve pudding, so I do it on the stove. Instant pudding doesn't work for this. I'm not sure exactly why.

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  4. That sounds either gross or delicious - I'll have to try it to see which it is :-)