Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Night Tastiness

Adri here, I've kind of decided that on Tuesday nights I'm going to update here with some of my favorite recipes. Or at least ones I make all the time. Sadly at this time I've got no pictures of any of these, but I'll get them asap. So for tonight? One of my dietary staples, what I call a Dinner Omelet. Also known as a Spanish Omelet. My recipe is loosely based on that from Clarita's Cocina which my Abuela gave me when I moved off to college so I'd not be with out home cooking. It's a pretty simple dish, but by some people's standards has a lot of steps, mainly that I've combined to make easier for one person to make. The one in the cook book is amazingly delicious. Well there are a few, but my favorite is the "Country Omelet". All parts of this sans eggs are kinda interchangeable and can be subbed to suit tastes.

Dinner Omelet!
Serves: 1
2 eggs
1/2 potato (any kind)
1/4 onion
1/2 Chorizo (or any other kind of meat, or none at all)
1/4 bell pepper (Jay likes it in his, I don't in mine)
1/4 of a tiny can of peas.
Garlic to taste
Olive oil

Start by roughly cutting all veggies, though slicing the potatoes into small cubes or thin slices works well.

Grab your favorite pan and toss in the oil and garlic until garlic is good and golden. Pull it out.

Add potatoes to the oil. Cook them until done, but not quite golden as you're going to take out now and set them aside.

Through in the rest of the veggies, sans peas, and meat of choice. When the veggies look like they are well on their way to done, but not quite add the potatoes on top.

Quickly stir up eggs and pour over. Wait a minute until the eggs are a little set on bottom and sprinkle on peas. I promise, they are delicious. It's how my mom got me to eat them as a kid.

Now you can do one of two things at this step, which is if you have a non stick pan, wait five minutes then throw the hole thing into an oven that's set at about 250-300 until the eggs are set on top. OR you can fashion yourself a lid from tin foil or a real lid and let it cook for about 10 minutes or again until eggs are set.

You can either flip the whole thing over in the pan to get that part of the omelet golden too, which I like to do as I have a thing about uncooked eggs, or you can just flip it out onto a plate and enjoy.

Double, triple, whatever for as many people as you have to feed. Though I should note that a 6 egg omelet tended to feed my family of four. And of course change ratios as desired as long as there is enough egg to hold everything together. :D

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