Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh Tuesday

I love the fall.
This is my favorite time of year. Hands down. Too bad for me that here in the south it's not really a season, but a delineation on the calendar reminding us that for a significant portion of the country the weather is changing for the cooler and prettier. That and Hurricane Season is over, which is always a relief. It also means cooking, especially things that take a long time in the oven or on the stove. Things that warm up the house and make it smell awesome.

Thanksgiving has almost always been one of my favorite holidays because it means all of my family from in state flooding my parent's house full bringing their own treats on top of what my mother has already made. When the family makes to leave, that's when friends start dropping by to partake in left overs, pie and conversation. We easily have 30 + people filter through our house in the course of the day. It's such a good feeling to get to sit down and enjoy the company of this many people. I can't imagine the small sit down Thanksgiving.

I'm really really looking forward to it. More so than Halloween, as I've never been much one for the huge party-drinking-craziness that people my age are really into. I actually much prefer sitting on the drive way with a big bowl of candy watching the little kids run around and act silly in their crazy costumes. But being away at college kinda keeps that to nothing, as the little kids that are fun to watch aren't on or around campus.

Sorry there's no recipe here tonight. Like I said last week the show has kept me really busy and I just felt more like sharing food traditions rather than the recipes themselves. Though if you have read this far and have any good dietary-specialty recipes you'd like to share, I'll all ears as this year Jay and I are going to visit friends in another state who are either vegetarian, can't eat wheat or are lactose intolerant. Which means there that weekend's battle will be an interesting one.

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