Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, a day late.

I apologize for us missing Battle Saturday again this weekend. We will be battling this coming Saturday. That I promise.

Tonight though, I am waiting on the delicious that will be tomorrow's Indian dinner. We have a great little Indian grocery in town, and as Jay and his car were in town I had a ride to it. Wee Indian food! Jay and I were discussing the fact that he believes that you cannot perfect cuisine that you didn't grow up with. Essentially as neither of us are of Indian decent, neither of us would be able to perfect Indian cooking. I'm not sure I am completely with him as my mother makes some damn fine Cuban cuisine for someone who never tried it before marrying my dad. So I'm going to eventually try my hand at making real Indian food as an effort to prove him wrong. 'Cause I'm competitive and argumentative like that.

I love Chicken Tikka Masala. Love it. So much. So very much that I bought two separate types of prepared sauce to make it for myself here in the dorm. I learned to love it while studying abroad one semester, and brought it home al la a jar from publix that shortly after publix has stopped carrying. Which made my mom sad, as she really liked it and the jar was really quick and easy. Today I bought a jar of tikka masala concentrate and a bag-o-instant sauce. As of right now I have mixed plain yogurt, cubed chicken and the concentrate marinating in a bowl in my fridge. Tomorrow will be the test to see how it comes out.

I've also got veggies to add to it, like green beans and asparagus (which I will note, I am learning to like, but really only within curry). I also bought something called Papad. I'm not sure exactly what it's made out of, all I know is that one of my favorite restaurants in town, a Nepalese/ Tibetan restaurant, closed down and they served it with everything. Think like a crepe in thickness but really crunchy with a strong cumin flavor to it. Crispy happiness is what it is.

I will man up after this attempt to see if I can really do it from scratch. Though spice is expensive, and this jar-o-delicious-concentrate wasn't so... I guess we'll see when it's gone.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

No Battle this weekend.

Due to holiday plans and unforseen problems, Jay and I didn't get a chance to have our normal food battle. I'm sorry. Hopefully we'll be back next weekend.