Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Sorry!

Ok, so we have been bad bloggers. Life kinda got in the way for a bit, with family issues, a show opening and finals kicking my butt. Jay and I have done two different battles, photos and all that we haven't posted yet. One of which was muffins and the other was gluten free desert pies for Thanksgiving. Muffins has photos up, and I'm going to be culling though the Thanksgiving photos soon. So that's what you've got to look forward too. When the semester starts up again in early January things should even back out again, as chances are things are going to be a little crazy around home for a while. (And that I was kicked out of my dorm for Christmas break, so the battles would then have to happen at mom's house...) But I promise, we WILL get this going again. I just had way too much fun doing this to let it drop.